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Sift Renegade Brawl

Play this amazing exclusive game called Sift Renegade Brawl totally free! In this game full of action and fights between the stickman samurai master in a world where revenge and fights between clans is common, our main hero called Ryu arrives, who was calm enjoying the peace accompanied by his beautiful girlfriend and in a change total history. face a mission of revenge enjoy this excellent game on kiz10 totally free. The objective of this excellent game is to avenge the death of Ryu's girlfriend, a samurai master, who must avenge the death of his girlfriend. The mission so dangerous and so many obstacles. Use your katana to cut all the enemies. Make amazing combos to take them out in style. In the course of the game and the different levels you will be able to collect many trophies and improve your score as many times as you need to replay each level. Enjoy the story and help Ryu complete all the missions!

Ninjas obstacles Struggle

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